The Person Behind The Camera

Hi, there! I’m Lan and I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area in California. Yes, it really is sunny a lot of the days, and we do get excited for rain and think it’s cold when it’s 40 degrees, but that’s what makes California special. 

I’ve spent my time in the Bay Area and Southern California. Both areas are different and hold special places in my heart. I enjoy traveling and getting lost with the crowd as I try to soak in every moment, but I also really love coming home and being with my friends and  family. 

I picked up my first camera at a very young age, but started really learning and practicing more about 8 years ago.

I started in analog, but I shoot in film and digital.

When I photograph people and places, I want to capture their essence, which essentially means, I aim for my clients to see your true wonderful self. Every portrait —family, lifestyle, personal, wedding and engagement — is approached with this care.

I'm always opened to working with other artists to collaborate!

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a line.


Happy Notes From Clients:

Dance is unlike other arts because of the physical strain. My “paint brushes” will no longer effortless stroke the canvas or in other words kick myself in the head. It’s something I’ve been mindful of since returning to dance in my later teens but am determined (too stubborn?) to not let that prohibit me from continuing on.

You shared your art and passion with me and captured me in my element and for that I am forever grateful. It reminds me of the years of training, the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to share a stage with, mentors and most importantly love and even more importantly the love of my parents and family.

Thank you for that gift. Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you for being a bright light in my life.

You asked me where I want to go from here as a dancer. I will continue to dance until I can no longer walk. I dance because it’s the best way I express myself – happiness, sadness, anger, goofiness… And I will dance because my biggest fan – on and off stage – is watching.

With much love,

Lani (Ballet Series)