Using the Grid

magazine collage For my next drawing assignment, we were directed to find 3 black and white images in magazines which a good range of tone to lay out. From there, we are using a grid of 5" x 6" to draw the complete layout on a 20" x 30" illustration board.

This is my final layout that I created. I chose the cloud image because I really liked how it looked as though it was coming out of his mouth, as though he were whispering something to the female model.

I've also been researching more of Chuck Close for inspiration and his method is so meticulous, it's amazing the works he's produced. Here's some information about him and you can see his work there  as well :

It's already going to be challenging to transfer this to a 20" x 30", but for Chuck he produces works that are well over 6' tall. So very impressive.

I'm looking forward to using the grid system for this project and moving away from seeing the whole image and just concentrating on all the lines and shadows for each one inch square.

I will show you the progress as I work on this for the next three weeks.

Happy Drawing!