A Space to Work

So I went MIA for a week because I needed to work on my work space. I occupy two rooms and during the semester, I just worked and slept in one room, while the adjacent room was filled with boxes of my past books and art work that I hadn't had a chance to unpack. I decided to spend the week moving my desk and design books from my room into the adjacent room to have everything in one room, thus making it my studio space.

Although I felt bad about not really producing anything for those days, I decided that it was important for me to actually have a space that would encourage me to design, paint and draw and not feel so cramped and always digging for my materials.

So now that the space is done, I am back on track! I have the space to spread out my art work, a place to store pieces and have access to all my tools. I feel really fortunate that I'm able to have this space and I can't wait to design everyday.

Here's a photo of the space: Work Space