Weekend Exploring

This weekend was fantastic. My friend came up to visit from LA and we went exploring with two other friends. Although heavy rainstorms were predicted, we decided to go anyway, and I'm sure glad we did. We drove out about 1.5 hours out and ended up in this abandoned building. The brickwork was still standing strong and you can see from the bones that it had a beautiful interior. It's interesting to see how things we've built stand over time and what happens when it is left to the elements.

There were moments when I just stopped and realized how extremely quiet it was, and seeing as how far we were from the main roads, it felt like we were the only four in the world, like a scene right out of Walking Dead.

All four of us are photographers and it was really great to go with them because we all aimed our cameras at different things, sometimes similar, but we all had a different way of seeing things, and that allowed us to be inspired by each other.

We stayed for a little more than an hour and as we walked back to the car the sprinkles were starting, and by the time we drove home, the storm was in full form.

These were shot with a Fujix100s, the newest member of my camera family and I love the camera so much!!

We continued on with our day with a self guided Vietnamese food tour and time in the local used bookstore. What a great way to spend the day.

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