Easter and Spring Mini Shoots

Happy Easter and Spring my friends! It seems as though only a few weeks ago branches of my fruit trees were bare, and now there are giant green leaves. Spring brings me feelings of hope and excitement, along with the need to attack more projects! 

Last week was the second set of mini shoots at the studio, and this time it was Easter/Spring theme. 

Opening a studio had always been a dream of mine, and when the opportunity to do so came in December, I knew it was the right step. 

And with various shoots I’ve been able to do there, it only solidifies that this was the right step I was to have taken. I will get into all that at a later blog post, but I wanted to share the mini shoots that happened last week! 

I decided to make giant paper flowers because I am obsessed with paper and gigantic objects that are supposed to be small—think giant spoons hanging on the walls. 

I envisioned the children sitting amongst giant flowers during the shoot and when it all came to life, it was so much fun! 

Here are some shots from last week and I can’t handle how much cuteness this all was. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Easter and Spring.