Wedding in NYC

DSCF9356 Spent the day at work. Edited some wedding photos I attended in NYC this past summer. This is one of my favorite shots and the bride and bride loved it as well. These two are some of my closest friends and I'm happy I got to witness their union.

Tomorrow I have more free time and will either be shooting or working on some lettering.

Happy 2014!

_MG_4208-2A Happy New Year to you! What a year it has been and I wish I had been more diligent with documenting it on this blog. Nonetheless, it's a new year and I have much to do.

Here's the first post for 2014, and this is a photo I took this morning on the way to Big Sur. I opted to stay in for New Year's Eve to get up extra early at 4AM and head down the coast to Big Sur.

It was such a treat because the stars were still out and I was able to try out long exposures with my camera on a tripod. I've never photographed stars before and it was so wonderful to see it come out!

We spent about 6 hours in Big Sur photographing various spots and enjoying a lunch. What a great way to start 2014!