Have you heard of Paul Cadden? I just discovered his work recently and am blown away by it. He is known for his Hyperrealism, drawing beautiful images that look like photographs, similar to that of Chuck Close. 

Smokescreen: Incredible detail has been captured by the hyperrealist artist Paul Cadden, but his work leaves you wondering whether your eyes have been trickedThis is amazing! His medium of choice is graphite. It's amazing what this man can do with a pencil. This is so inspiring and beautiful. The time and dedication to each of his pieces is admirable and I would love to have this kind of discipline. 

Shades of grey: Cadden was shortlisted as Artist of the Year 2011 and can usually produce about seven works per year which sell at galleries for up to £5,000 each

Not all black and white: From a distance Paul Cadden's work looks like a picture. However, a gallery exhibiting his work said seeing the originals up close reveals the extent of the drawing detail

Art in action: Paul Cadden is seen working on one of his pieces. The artist specialises in hyperrealism - a form of detailed drawing that it so lifelike it could be mistaken for a photograph

For more of his work, visit:

Artist Book

Update: I've found an amazing artist to work with! :) Hello artists!

What: My semester project for my Prepress class is to create a 40 page book about an artist or art show. In it I will be showing my capabilities of layout. It will be a 10 week progress and by the end I will have a professionally printed and bounded book.

Who: I would love to work with an artist who has a substantial body of work to be featured. This book can serve as your portfolio for any upcoming show. What I'm envisioning is about 10-12 pages of copy which can be filled with essays written by you, your colleagues and fellow artists about your work. The rest of the pages will be filled with images of your work with short descriptors.

When: I would like to begin research and collaborating as soon as possible. So, let's talk!

How: They layout will be done through InDesign CS 5.5.

Why: Class assignment and portfolio piece for you and me.

If this is something you are interested in, please email me at: Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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