Michelle and Joe's Engagement Photos in San Francisco

In January, Michelle, Joe and I spent time in San Francisco, our beautiful neighboring city and did engagement photos. The Golden Gate Bridge was shut down that day, so we didn't know what to expect, but it ended up making for the most perfect day.

It made for a lot less people around the areas we went to, which is an incredible blessing considering it's San Francisco, a heavily loved city for tourists and residents alike. We all love visiting the city and with festivals every weekend, it can become chaos. But, back to our weekend, it was perfect.

We first went to the Palace of Fine Arts, then to Fort Point and areas surrounding and finally we finished at our beloved SF Giant's Stadium, which was opened for us to run in and take some photos. Everything fell into place and it was so much fun.

Next, I'll share Michelle and Joe's wedding. So look out for that.

Painting Fun

I spent a week in SoCal and I got to spend some time with friends and their kids. While staying with my friend Emily, I watched her son for two full days while she was at a work conference. This was my first time spending alone time with a toddler in a long time, but I love kids and thought, this would be great! So I called in reinforcements and my friends with their kids did a couple play dates with Emily's son and me.

On one of the days, My friend Michelle and her daughter met up with us and we went to an open art studio for children and it was a lot of fun. Can't get over how adorable those tiny aprons were still too big for them! Here are some photos of the tykes doing art.

Family Photos

It was a great summer and I got to spend time with a lot of people and photograph some families as well! I will be posting them throughout the week. Wanted to share the shoot I had with my friend Ky and his beautiful wife and their adorable daughter. We took these in Santa Clara and I just really love the colors. You can tell she is the apple of their eyes!

Holidays are coming up, so let's do some family photos for those cards. Cheers!