It's A New Semester!!

Horray! I was always that kid who got uber-excited about the first day of school with my brand new notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils.

This time around, I have my new drawing pencils to replace the ones I worn down last semester, sketchbooks for all my drawing classes and drawing pads. I've cleared out my portfolio and I am ready for this semester.

For this semester I am taking six classes. Some may call it crazy, and I agree, but I love being pushed to the limit with all the assignments.

I've gone to 4/6 classes already and I can already tell it's going to be an extremely challenge semester, but I'm ready.

So these are my classes this semester:

Life Drawing - The instructor is intense and I'm looking forward to what I'm going to learn.

Drawing 2- This class is set up to be more of an independent studies class with more research of artists and working with color in my drawings. Excited about all the new projects.

Art 2D- The catalogue best describes this: The course in the visual organization of the elements and principles of design as fundamental concepts in visual problem solving, composition, and color theory. Emphasis will be on the underlying nonobjective and abstract structure of visual art.

Photo Lab Practices- I'm excited to get back into the dark room and learn more techniques in developing and printing. From learning the old adage, over expose and under develop to trying different developers for a variety of film. I've been wanting to take this class for the past 2 years and am ready to dive right in.

Art History- The book is huge. Ready to go to the museums though.

Pre-press - This is the only class that involves a computer this semester. We will get to use all the programs and learn about working with printers and getting images color ready to go to press. I hear we get to visit a few printing studios to learn about the process.

So these are my days:

Monday: Work 6am-10am, class 2pm-5pm

Tuesday: Classes 9am - 10pm

Wednesday: Work 6am-10am, classes 2pm-9:30pm

Thursday: Classes 9am - 10pm

Friday- Sunday: Work and homework!

I value my breaks in between and there will definitely be no time to procrastinate. Coffee will be my best friend and sleep will be a luxury. EXCITED!

Here's to a new semester! Cheers!