Using Grids For Your Designs



In this typography exercise (using InDesign), we used modern art pieces as grid for our text layout.  The space between letters and sentences can create shades of black and grey, depending on how tight or far apart they are.I enjoyed this exercise because it allowed me to step away from the familiarity of letters and see them as unique shapes and forms.

Furthermore, grids are a CRUCIAL part to the design process. Before laying down any images or type, the designer should create a grid with consistent spacing. With the grid as the guideline it allow the designer to visualize the finish piece and be able to manipulate images and copy to fit into it. This cuts out time wasted in conceptualizing as they are laying out.

I know I used to free hand a lot of designs, but once I started using grids in all the design programs, it made it a lot easier to align all my text and images. I could see a major difference in my design work.

In the majority of design work you see out there, a grid was used. Everything aligns with one another and that is what makes it so appealing to the eye.

Tell me, do you use grids with your design work, or do you free hand as you go along?