Hiraa's Portraits

My beautiful friend Hiraa needed portraits done for a book and asked if I could capture her in some spots in San Francisco. It was fun catching up and photographing her. We've known each other since high school and even though we don't get to see each other all the time, it's nice to know we can still spend time together and talk as though no time had passed.

Such a Sweet Family Portrait Session

In August I took a trip down to SoCal to visit some friends and while there I was able to do two family photo shoots.

The first one I'm sharing is with my lovely work-wife friend, Kerri. We met while we were doing marketing a few years ago and became instant friends. We had always joked we were work wives because we'd spend about 12 hours together and I consider her one of my closest friends.

When she became a mom, it was so exciting! We got to celebrate from when she found out, a baby shower, a maternity photo shoot and celebrating the birth of her daughter, Eisley. Kerri is a fantastic friend, loving and caring wife, and an amazing mother.

It was fantastic when we figured out we could do a family shoot while I was there, I was super excited to be able to get spend time with my friend, her family and capture them all.

Eisley is my little buddy and such a funny and charismatic person. She is well loved from both her parents and it shows through the lens.

We took these photos at the same park we had Kerr's baby shower at and where I shot her maternity photos. All great memories.


P.S. Please check out Kerri's blog in the above link. I love reading about her daily life and what trying out her craft projects.

Portrait of a Photographer

My friend Carla whom I met via Social Media have been "friends" for a few years now. The magic of the internet has allowed us to keep in touch, learn about each other and our lives despite us never having met each other. So when she reached out and asked if I would be able to photograph her for her portraits, I was super excited and nervous. Shooting people is fun, and something I really enjoy, but shooting a photographer makes me nervous because we can be a little critical, since we know what we want. However, I was looking forward to finally  meeting her.

We chose San Francisco as our destination since she works there and we are both from the Bay Area. It was such a delight to shoot and talk with her.

Here are a few photos from the day. These were shot with a Canon 30D, using 80mm lens.

_MG_5536 _MG_5649 _MG_6159-5 _MG_6226