Road Trip

First Stop: Oxnard

Took a road trip down to Southern California to see some friends and old stomping grounds. Decided to drive 101 this time and take in all the sights and see the beautiful California coast.

Right as we were about to hit the 1, we saw this abandoned plot of land and stopped. From what I could tell, it looked like it was a small motel oasis that must have been booming during it's time.

All that was left was a bowling alley, skate rink that was long forgotten and some buildings. There were some slabs of concrete that marked off former buildings and piles of rubble.

In the distance you can see new condos erected, a huge contrast to the old pastel signs.

I looked up Wagon Wheel and learned that it is considered a landmark for Oxnard and had set the trend for western themed motels and creating resort style space for car travelers. Google it if you have time.

I decided to edit these photos to look vintage to pay homage for the time when it was at its peak. I read they are going to still keep the iconic sign, so if you see it, wave hi.

To forgotten yesterdays.