Stars In The Sky

While many people were out late on New Year's Eve partying it up, I was sleeping early so that my friend and I could get a super early and drive down to Big Sur to see the beach at sunrise. I know living on the west coast doesn't allow us the beauty of a sunrise, but the satisfaction of starting the new year with a sunrise seemed perfect. We got to Big Sur around 5:00AM and it was still dark, so I decided to try to play with some long exposures when we pulled off to the side, right by the cliff. I'm sure I would have been really scared if I saw how close we were to falling off with light.

These were shot on a tripod with my Canon. I used a timer and allowed it to stay open. I wish I had a trigger release, but  I was excited to see they actually came out!


_MG_4204 _MG_4208 _MG_4209