Ranch Wedding: Stacee and Dana Part 2

Part 2 of this beautiful wedding is an extended post with lots of photos from the reception to detailed shots of what they created, portraits and their reception. Hope you enjoy.

Guest waiting for the beautiful brides to come out. The haystacks were such a nice element to the boot scootin' wedding.

I asked Dana what she was most excited about, she said "Seeing Stacee dressed up and in her dress." Obviously Stacee did not disappoint. Love this look of surprise and love Dana had when she saw her.

And with a kiss....

Dana's grandma is 90 and she's so adorable. I even caught her dancing later in the evening.

Next, we stole the brides away to do some portraits while the guests mingled.

When I asked what their ideal day was, they said: "On beach day with "Pablo" (Stacee truck) set up for a picnic in the back. After the picnic we watch the sun go down."

We then drove them back to the reception.

Taking the brides back to the reception.

This DIY wedding could not have been made possible with the love and care of their family and friends along with:

Venue: Lawley Ranch

Photography: Lanny Nguyen Photography