Ranch Wedding: Stacee and Dana Part 1

Stacee and Dana met each other years ago in Long Beach at a party, and it was the classic girl meets girl. Dana was hosting a BBQ and when their eyes met, the chemistry was instant. This chemistry has led them to a loving and supportive relationship over the years and on October 25th, in front of their closest family and friends, they celebrated their union at Lawley Ranch in Woodland, Ca. 

I loved the little details from the wedding. The whole vision of the wedding was DIY with these brides planning and executing everything in a long distance relationship! You can really see how all the love and care being put into this  from their friends and family and the decorations were so sweet and perfect for a boot-scooting ranch wedding!

I was so lucky to have been able to be part of their special day and it was so much photographing them. The day started with heavy rains with the weather channel predicting a break by 3, which was when the wedding festivities were going to start. By 1, the rains let up and it allowed for blue skies and beautiful clouds. The rain never came back for the rest of the day and we were all able to celebrate. 

The brides managed to avoid each other all day and never saw one another despite having to set up for the wedding. These brides were very hands-on with preparations! 

Before the ceremony, they requested that they be able to pray together, so we brought them out to stand back to back and although the urge to peek was very strong, they resisted it and waited until the ceremony to be surprised. 

Here’s the first part of the wedding photos which feature them getting ready. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed capturing these. Enjoy. 

The driveway into Lawley Ranch is lined with olive trees which make for a beautiful back drop.

Hand painted signs like these could be found throughout the wedding.

The brides created these lovely cork letters. That's a lot of yummy wine!

What a creative use for a palette. It has been stained and hand painted with the schedule of the day's events!

Such a yummy idea for wedding favors that guests can enjoy after the wedding.

Loved both their gowns and how it looked against the weathered barn which was the spot for all the yummy BBQ guests were going to enjoy later.

Hair and makeup were done by their friend Ashley who also officiated the wedding. All hands on deck!

Hair and makeup were done by their friend Ashley who also officiated the wedding. All hands on deck!

Dana is made up and ready to get into her gown.

This is Stacee handling last minute details while she was getting made up.

Dana's dress was so beautiful with the champagne tint and lace details

Stacee's strapped dress with the lace at the bodice and flowers created a nice flow that was perfect to go with her boots.

The brides were photographed individually in the beautiful living room of the ranch house. The lighting was absolutely perfect.

I love Stacee's smile here as she spotted guests arriving to the wedding.

Dana's dress was so beautiful and her smile was perfect. She was looking at her mom right here.


Once we were done with their individual portraits, it was time to bring them together for prayers. Dana turned away and waited for Stacee.

Brides' bouquets.

Next up, the ceremony and couples' portraits and boot scootin'!

This DIY wedding could not have been made possible with the love and care of their family and friends along with:

Venue: Lawley Ranch

Photography: Lanny Nguyen Photography